cbd superfood x living kitchen cbd cookie bite vegan s mores

CBD Superfood x Living Kitchen CBD Cookie Bite Vegan S’Mores

Sep 19, 2018

No camping trip is complete without a quiet evening by the campfire with some s’mores!

Sugar provides a surge of dopamine — the “feel good” chemical — to the brain. Overtime, your brain requires more and more sugar in order to reach that sensation of elation, causing increasing sugar cravings.

This is why we useminimal sugar in many of our recipes.We also use natural sweeteners, which aren’t heavily processed like refined sugar. Our Cookie Bites are sweetened with dates, and the vegan homemade marshmallows are sweetened with a touch of maple syrup — so you can enjoy the flavor of sweetness without being overloaded with sugar!

Head toour Instagramto enter types of cbd edibles ’s CBD Cookie Bitegiveaway, and get a chance to win a bag of cookies before they are released in Friday’s flash sale!

Using 8 signs of a high quality cbd oil or your fingers, shape the CBD Cookie bites into small rectangles to resemble graham crackers. Set aside. In a small bowl, whisk coconut fat, maple syrup and vanilla extract until the mixture forms a whipped cream texture (this is the “marshmallow”) . Chill until ready to use. When cbd payment processor ’re ready to serve, top one cookie rectangle with chocolate, top the chocolate with marshmallow, and complete with a second cookie rectangle. Enjoy!


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